Current camera - Canon 80D 

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Publications / Credit

  • Vermillion Flycatcher, September - October 2009
  • Arizona Daily Star, Monsoon Madness, 1st Place, July 2012
  • Susan G Koemen, January 2015
  • Santa Cruz County Fair, "Sonoita Windmill," 3rd Place, September 2017
  • Local Artist Feature, Deep Sky Vineyards, November 2017
  • ​Tucson Foodie, "An Introduction to  Five Southern Arizona Distilleries," February 2018
  • Arizona Daily Star/,  "Help bless the vines and then drink the wine at Sonoita Vineyards this weekend, " April 2018
  • Luxe Magazine, June 2018,  "More Than Moonshine"

Photographer Bio……
​My name is Kim I’ve always been interested in photography, so a few years ago I traded in my trusty point and shoot camera and purchased a Canon Rebel, now shooting with a  canon 80D. I enjoy grabbing my camera, the mp3 player loaded with a mix from the 50’s thru 80’s, possible in the SUV or my scooter....

My husband and I relocated from New Jersey and when we decided to make a move and boy did we! We have some acreage in the foothills of the Empire Mountains along the Davidson Canyon …. In the foothills of wine country! We’ve lived in southeast AZ for 20 years and are still in awe of the diversity of the area, from mountains, snow capped at times, valleys, the rolling pastures of Sonoita and Elgin, , the Riparian area of the Davidson, the sunsets, and the great people that we have met and great friends that I am fortunate to have.

We particularly enjoy when we are able to family and friends to the special area that we have made home and always get a kick out their reaction to the diversity of this area. Arizona is so much more then sand and rocks!

When not working at the day job or touring southern Arizona,  I am a volunteer photographer for Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, co team lead and volunteer photographer for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, and homeless pets endeavors. I truly believe in paying it forward.

While NJ will always be my home and will miss the family and friends, the attitude, shore, diners, food, diversity, the wonderful memories of softball games,  a Yankee game or Elton concert; AZ is where we live now.  Who knows what the future will bring, but I know one thing, I’ll be snapping pictures, capturing memories that have been created with family and friends.

I want to thank my family and friends for the support and encouragement which means more to me then they will ever know.

Hope you enjoy my photos….

First camera - Kodak 104

(stock photo from search)

Commercial Events 

  • Sparkroot, Tucson, AZ,  April  2011
  • Mr. K's BBQ &  KLPX 96.1 Event, Tucson, AZ, October 2011
  • Iron Chef, Tucson, AZ,  June  2012
  • Smashburger, Tucson, AZ,  August 2012
  • US Fries, Tucson, AZ,  September 2014
  • Freddy's, Tucson, AZ,  November 2015
  • Village of Elgin Winery Festival, Elgin, AZ, September 2015
  • Native Grill and Wings, Tucson, AZ,  October 2016
  • ​​St.Marten's Festival, Sonoita Vineyards, Sonoita, AZ, November 2016, November 2017
  • ​Blessing of Sonoita Vineyards, Elgin, AZ,  April 2017, April 2018
  • Central Pet, Tucson, AZ,  April 2017
  • ​Central Pet, Amado, AZ, May  2017
  • Elgin Distillery, Elgin, AZ, June 2017
  • Blessing and Toast to the Vines at Charron Vineyards, Vail, AZ,  July 2017
  • ​Black Bear Diner, Tucson, AZ,  July 2017
  • Harvest at Sonoita Vineyards, Elgin, AZ, August 2017
  • ​Jill Cruz Dog Training, LLC,  Sonoita, AZ, January 2018
  • ​40th Blessing of the Vineyards, Sonoita Vineyards, Sonoita, AZ, April 2018
  • Morning Squeeze, Tempe, AZ, March 2018
  • ​Faux Chopped, Kief - Joshua Vineyards, Elgin, April, 2018
  • 40th Blessing of the Vineyards, Sonoita Vineyards, Sonoita, AZ, April 2018
  • Marichai Festival, Patagonia, AZ, May 2018
  • Elgin Distillery, Elgin, AZ, May 2018
  • Central Pet, Tucson, AZ,  Grand Opening, June 2018

Volunteer / Community Events  

  • Empire Fagan Coalition, Vail, AZ, October 2004 - March 2007
  • Corona De Tucson Fire Station 2 Dedication, Corona De Tucson, AZ, December 2008
  • Davidson Canyon, Vail, AZ,  October 2008-2015
  • Tucson Audubon Society, Tucson, AZ,  September 2009
  • Congress In Your Corner - Rep Giffords, Vail, AZ, October 2009
  • Sky Island Alliance,  Pima County, AZ, October 2010-October 2013
  • Arizona Corporation Commission, Meet the Candidates Forum,  Sonoita, AZ, October 2010
  • Vail Pride Day, Vail, AZ, February 2010 - 2011
  • Vail Post Office - This Place Matters, Vail, AZ,  July 2011
  • US Forest Service  / Rosemont - Rep. Giffords Meetings, Elgin, AZ,  December 2011
  • US Forest Service / Rosemont - Rep. Giffords Meetings, Green Valley, AZ,  December 2011
  • Arizona Daily Star, Monsoon Madness, July 2012
  • Pima County District 4 Supervisor Debate, Vail, AZ, August 2012
  • Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, Tucson, AZ, 2012-2016
  • Cienega Watershed Partnership, Pima County, AZ,  February 2013, February 2015, April 2017
  • Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, Tucson, AZ, October 2012+
  • American Legion Memorial Day Ceremony, Corona De Tucson, AZ,  May 2016
  • Central Pet in conjunction with The Animal League of Green Valley, Rescue Dogs, Amado, AZ May &, September 2017
  • Red Beard Rally, Elgin, AZ, August, 2017

Past sales 

  • St Martin's Festival, Sonoita Vineyards, Sonoita, AZ, November 2016
  • Christmas on Main, Benson, AZ,  December 2016
  • Bobcat Jack at the Village of Elgin Winery, Elgin, AZ, March 2017
  • Blessing of the Vineyards, Sonoita Vineyards, Sonoita, AZ, April 2017
  • Chevy Showdown, Desert Diamond Casino, Tucson, AZ, April 2017
  • Spring Fling, Benson, AZ, April 2017
  • Savor Sierra Vista - Pop Up Art Festival, Sierra Vista, May 2017
  • The Village of Elgin Winery / Elgin Distillery, Elgin, AZ - Monthly, Generally 3rd Saturday of Month
  • Bad Decisions, Sonoita, AZ, August 2017
  • Sonoita - Patagonia Farmer's Market - August 2017
  • Patagonia Fall Festival, Patagonia, AZ - October 2017  
  • Fall Festival @ Vail Vista Feed, Vail, AZ - October 2017
  • Deep Sky Vineyard - Local Artists Event, Elgin, AZ, November 2017
  • Fall Artisan & Craft Fair at The Village of Elgin Winery / Elgin Distillery /  Elgin Brewery, Elgin, AZ, November 2017
  • Christmas in Elgin, Elgin, AZ
  • ​Artisan & Craft Fair at The Village of Elgin Winery / Elgin Distillery /  Elgin Brewery, Elgin, AZ,  2018 Series
  • 2018 HITS Arizona Winter Circuit, Pima County Fairgrounds, AZ, February 2018​

Love happy clients!  Thank you for the kind words and repeat business.  I have had the opportunity to work with some great clients.

Thank you!

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